Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dope Diagram

Check this diagram done by the information architects!!!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Watch these with ideas of narrative in mind. What is the best way to tell these stories. Does it make sense to try and tell this story through drawings/words, or through moving image.

and as a side comment - I am researching SIPS for a project I am working on - I am able to make it relevant to the project we are working because it I am engaging it on the level of narrative.

Just as I am encouraging you to incorporate your interests, you should try and incorporate your other work into the project. Lets try and maximize productivity in this manner. by making your studies from other classes relevant to this current project, you are being efficient, you are boosting your productivity level, and more importantly you are learning to draw relationships.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Now isn't this cool - I may have figure out a much better way to provide large files (reading) in ways other than "yousendit" which has a purpose, but doesn't work well with how I was trying to use it.

clicking on the file takes you to the web site - don't sign up or anything, just download the file by hitting "download" - consider this a beta.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Before proceeding with the showing of the showing of the following HIGHLY UNUSUAL ATTRACTION, a few words should be said about the amazing subject matter.

In ancient times anything that deviated from the normal was considered an omen of ill luck or representative of evil. Gods of misfortune and adversity were invariably cast in the form of monstrosities, and deeds of injustice and hardship have been attributed to the many crippled and deformed tyrants of Europe and Asia.

HISTORY, RELIGION, FOLKLORE and LITERATURE abound in tales of misshapen misfits who have altered the world's course. GOLIATH, CALABAN, FRANKENSTEIN, GLOUCESTER, TOM THUMB and KAISER WILHELM are just a few, whose fame is world wide.
The accident of abnormal birth was considered a disgrace and malformed children were placed out in the elements to die. If, perchance, one of these freaks of nature survived, he was always regarded with suspicion. Society shunned him because of his deformity, and a family so hampered was always ashamed of the curse put upon it.

Occasionally, one of these unfortunates was taken to court to be jeered at or ridiculed for the amusement of the nobles. Others were left to eke out a living by begging, stealing, or starving.
For the love of beauty is a deep seated urge which dates back to the beginning of civilization. The revulsion with which we view the abnormal, them malformed and the mutilated is the result of long conditioning by our forefathers. the majority of freaks themselves, are endowed with normal thoughts and emotions. Their lot is truly a heart-breaking one.

They are forced into the most unnatural of lives. Therefore, they have built up among themselves a code of ethics to protect them from the barbs of normal people. Their rules are rigidly adhered to and the hurt of one is the hurt of all, the joy of one is the joy of all. The story about to be revealed is a story based on the effect of this code upon their lives.

Never again will such a story be filmed, as modern science and technology is rapidly eliminating such blunders of nature from the world.

With humility for the many injustices done to such people, (they have no power to control their lot) we present the most startling horror story of the ABNORMAL and THE UNWANTED


In The spirit of referring to Narratives as Drawings - I am READING movies.

I mentioned in an earlier post about the importance of dreams - and I this is something that I am beginning to look at - I am beginning by watching this film. already, I can tell you that you should watch it.

watch it with an eye on your interests - and think of how many of the ideas discussed might operate on the SCALE of architecture. (just a suggestion)

but this is a great movie regardless - and it is engaging ideas of creativity in attempt to better understand it.


This is about the slacker movie and an article I found here Slacker's Oblique Strategy

but some excerpts...

"But let me return to the notion of “oblique strategies.” To put it in the context of the film, Slacker consists of a series of interrelated episodes—mostly conversations, riffs, raps, and rants. They begin with its writer/director, Richard Linklater, playing a guy taking a cab from the Austin bus station into town and telling a silent cabdriver about a strange dream, a dream in which “instead of anything…going on, there’s nothing going on”—a harbinger of the movie’s contrarian discourse on the virtues of inaction, the virtues of, frankly, sitting around talking. Sitting around talking about creation rather than mindlessly “creating.”"

how might this relate to our studio? perhaps the first project was "mindlessly creating" now its the intention that we are sitting around talking about creating. -talking about creating relationships. (supposedly)


"If I'm too slow," the woman says, "my house will be buried in the sand."

Its my suggestion that you watch the clip below. It is a clip from a Japanese film called [Woman of the Dunes]. watch the clip paying close attention to all the ways things that are excessive in scale play a role with what is going on.

The idea that a single woman can control the fate of a house is interesting in itself. the idea of a house being burried at a time scale that relates closer to that of humans as well is interesting.

oh and I just noticed the quote that shows on the intro page.
"if they are afraid of the sand, tackle it scientifically." how wonderfully absurd. It reminds me a bit like, what is it jousting windmills?

I was listening to npr recently and they were taking about robots and the difficulty it is for them to walk in sand. in other words - sand is actually a really difficult problem, scientifically. see the link below for THAT VIDEO